About the Ethics Bowl


Student Feedback

The Ethics Bowl has had a great impact on participating students, and on their school communities:

“Discussing ethics is discussing the future of the world.” – H.

“It really makes you see things from a different perspective.” – K.

“The cure to ignorance is discussion.” – T.

“You will walk away a different person.” – N.

“I’ve learned how to approach social issues through education rather than anger.” – S.

“Now I’m going to look at all the different sides of a subject and what people it could affect.”
– B.

“I definitely want to share my lessons I’ve learned with people around the world.” – V.

“It helped me be more open-minded and a more well-rounded citizen.” – K.

Teacher Feedback

Participating teachers have observed that student discussions are deeper and more meaningful as a result of participation in an Ethics Bowl. Many report that other teachers in their schools have been inspired to integrate critical thinking and collaboration skills into their classes, creating a school-wide approach to discussing challenging ethical issues.

“The Ethics Bowl is an excellent opportunity for students to think critically about the issues facing society in a collaborative setting. It brings together so many different skills, such as teamwork, literacy, analysis, and communication, that are essential for success in the twenty-first century.”
– Kara

“The Ethics Bowl has become part of our school culture. . . . We have more and more students involved each year. . . . Other teachers in our school use ethics as a teaching tool in their classrooms now.”
– Caroline

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