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Ethics Across Our Borders

Two international events were recently held by the group behind the Manitoba Ethics Bowl.ebaccrossborders

1. A2Ethics at the University of Michigan and Manitoba Association for Right in Liberties organized the first Ethics Across Our Borders event which was held on

January 23, 2021. A total of six high schools, two from Manitoba and four from Michigan participated. The thirty students tackled the following abbreviated topics;

  • ‘Sex’ offenders: irredeemable?
  • Valuing Achievements: What is the nature of and what is an achievement?
  • Shadow Banning: Do social platforms have the right to curate messages?

The students really appreciated having the opportunity to meet each other while discussing relevant ethical topics.

2. Ethics Bowl China and Manitoba Association for Rights in Liberties held an Ethics Across Our Borders using a ethics café format. The event was held on February 27, 2021 with a total of twenty eight students representing ten high schools, five from each country. The students discussed the following abbreviated topics:

  • The Food Delivery Frenzy: How does and should technology affect our relationship with each other?
  • Brittany Spear’s Conservatorship: How does a conservatorship affect someone’s autonomy?
  • The Role of Universities: Is it to prepare students for employment?

The event was a resounding success with many students wanting to continue the discussions even after it was time to end. Students readily started sharing their comments is a thought provoking and respectful manner. They want to meet again.

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