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2021 Manitoba Ethics Bowl

TScreen Shot 2021 03 11 at 8.59.05 AMhe 7th Manitoba High School Ethics Bowl was held on February 18th and 19th, 2021. A total of eight high schools participated on a virtual platform to discuss ethical topics such as algorithms and artificial intelligence. teen vaping, call out culture, criminal records, weaponized drones and more. The teams intellectual depth of understanding on the variables impacting each case has surpassed previous years. They demonstrated throughout the two days their commitment to a respectful and open dialogue in their quest for understanding these current topics. They are global citizens, capable of tackling complex issues with decorum and respect. On behalf of our organizations we need to thank all the students, teachers and volunteers for making the MHSEB memorable. 
Congratulations to the finalist, Miles Macdonell Collegiate and the winners, École secondaire Kelvin High School!


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