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Submit a Logo! Ethics Bowl Canada Needs You! [Deadline Extended]

New: We are extending the deadline for our logo competition--- submit your logo by October 3rd, 2021 and you might win an award of $500 if your logo is selected! Read on for competition details.

The Ethics Bowl is entering a new phase that will bring Canadian students and educators exciting new opportunities. As of this summer, organizers assembled to create a new national organization called “Ethics Bowl Canada,” with the objective of bringing more events and resources to current and future participants. In addition to having an Ethics Bowl for high school students, we will also bring the event to college and university students, and reach new regions throughout the country. In the next few months, we will progressively revamp our website and documents to reflect our new identity. To that end, an essential step is to adopt a new beautiful and vibrant logo. Over the years, we have been so impressed by people who have taken part in our events that decided to seek your creative impulse. So, we are inviting submissions for our new logo. The winner will be awarded $500 for their creative effort.

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2021 National Finals

WoskCenterDrawing modified national

All matches will be on NHSEBOne.org (http://nhsebone.org)
Judges, Moderators, Coaches, & Teams are to use their individual credentials to login.

Opening & closing ceremonies & headquarters can be accesses on Zoom here.

Greetings 10:00 PT 12:00 CT 13:00ET

Jeffrey Senese (Master of Ceremonies)
Sarah Fontaine-Sinclair (Land Acknowledgement)
Isha Khan (President and CEO, Canadian Museum for Human Rights)
David Schimpky (Director of Secretariat, Canadian Commission for UNESCO)
Nicolas Tanchuk (Chair of the Philosophy in the Schools Project)

Introducing the 2021 National Finalists

Archbishop O'Leary High School (AB1)
Canterbury Secondary School (ON1)
École secondaire Kelvin High School (MB1)
Ideal Mini School (BC2)
Humberside Collegiate (On2)
Miles MacDonell Collegiate(MB2)
Prince of Wales Secondary (BC1)
St. Peter the Apostle Catholic High School (AB2)

The full program is available here.

The ten cases can be viewed by clicking here.



Round 1:

ON1 vs BC1 BC1 wins by split decision
ON2 vs BC2 ON2 wins by split decision
AB1 vs MB1 MB1 wins by unanimous decision
AB2 vs MB2 MB2 wins by split decision

Round 2:

BC2 vs MB1 MB1 wins by unanimous decision
MB2 vs BC1 BC1 wins by unimamous decision
ON2 vs AB1 ON2 wins by split decision
ON1 vs AB2 ON1 wins by unanimous decision

Round 3:

BC1 vs AB1 BC1 wins by unanimous decision
AB2 vs BC2 AB2 wins by split decision
ON2 vs MB2 ON2 wins by split decision
ON1 vs MB1 ON1 wins by split decision

Round robin standing (April 16):

Position Team Points Tiebreak points
1 Prince of Wales Secondary (BC1) 3.0/3 8.5
2 Humberside Collegiate (ON2) 3.0/3 6.5
3 École secondaire Kelvin High School (MB1) 2.0/3 7.0
4 Canterbury Secondary School (ON1) 2.0/3 5.5
5 St. Peter the Apostle Catholic High School (AB2) 1.0/2 3.0
6 Miles MacDonell Collegiate (MB2) 1.0/3 2.5
7 Ideal Mini School (BC2) 0.0/3 2.0
8 Archbishop O'Leary High School (AB1) 0.0/3 1.0

Teams advancing to the semifinals (April 17):

The four teams advancing to the semi-finals, together with the pairings, are as follows:

Prince of Wales Secondary (BC1) vs Canterbury Secondary School (ON1)
ON1 wins by unanimous decision.

Humberside Collegiate (ON2) vs École secondaire Kelvin High School (MB1)
ON2 wins by unanimous decision.

Teams advancing to the finals (April 17):

The two teams advancing to the semi-finals, together with the pairings, are as follows:

Canterbury Secondary School (ON1) vs Humberside Collegiate (ON2)
ON2 wins by unanimous decision.

Congratulations to Humberside collegiate, our 2021 National High School Ethics Bowl Champions!

2021 British Columbia Ethics Bowl


The 2021 BC Regional High School Ethics Bowl was hosted by the Department of Philosophy at Simon Fraser University on February 20th. Even though the department loves to host participating students, coaches, and volunteers on the beautiful Burnaby campus, we were forced to hold the event online due to the ongoing pandemic. An online platform specifically designed to hold Ethics Bowls was developed collaboratively by the Canadian and the American national organizations. Many thanks are owed to three SFU units that continue to be highly supportive of the event, and who stepped up to fund the entire Canadian share of the cost for the development of the platform: the Dean’s Office of the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, the Faculty’s Office of Marketing and Communications, and the Department of Philosophy. Many thanks for making this event possible for students across Canada! We would also like to thank the British Columbia Social Studies Teachers Association for their continuing support and for facilitating increasing participation of BC students to the Ethics Bowl.  

An Ethics Bowl is both a collaborative and competitive team event, in which grade 9-12 students study, imagine, criticize, and compare stances and argumentative strategies, within an educationally-enhanced debate structure. The aim of the activity is that participating students develop and demonstrate their ability to critically engage with each other about current ethical issues—social, political, economic, scientific, cultural, and beyond. As opposed to traditional debate structures, in which reactionary opposition to each other and rhetorical flurries are often rewarded, the Ethics Bowl rewards critical listening and the ability to envision other points of views. Instead of being rewarded for digging their heels as the argumentation progresses, debaters may amend their original positions when faced with convincing arguments. Students have opportunities to pose and respond to probing questions from judges with expertise in critical and ethical reasoning, resulting in a deepening awareness of the stakes and principles that animate the discussion.

A record number of 15 teams from 11 schools took part in the event, up from 10 teams in 2020 and 5 teams in 2019. In addition to schools that have been with us since the very beginning—Ideal Mini School, Princess Margaret Secondary, Prince of Wales Secondary, Sands Secondary, and Vancouver Technical Secondary—and schools that were returning for a second time—Fraser Heights Secondary and Rick Hansen Secondary—four new schools took part in this year’s event–Panorama Ridge Secondary, Semiahmoo Secondary, Sutherland Secondary, and University Hill Secondary. We would like to thank the teachers who have volunteered to coach the teams for their fantastic contribution: Jeffrey Aw-Yong, Michael Edmonson, Michael Hughes, Grant Jamieson, Kevin Larkin, John Munro, Tony Lee, Dale Martelli, and Hardip Rakkar.

Many thanks as well to the 75 wonderful students who displayed amazing ability to engage with challenging cases and tackle questions on the following topics: teen vaping, algorithms and AI, toxic masculinity, call-out culture, criminal records, weaponized drones, deep sea mining, Canada as a world power, vaccine distribution, and high school drop outs.

We would also like to thank our outstanding team of volunteer judges and moderators. Most of our 34 volunteers were affiliated with universities and colleges in the region, including Simon Fraser University, the University of the Fraser Valley, Douglas College, UBC (both Vancouver and Okanagan), and BCIT. Specifically, our warm thanks go to: Anastasia Anderson, Michael Bodnar, Michael Bourke, Cody Brooks, Eddie Cai, Anna Cook, Lyle Crawford, Tom Donaldson, Cem Erkli, Jacob Gebrewold, Bruno Guindon, Aaron Mascarenhas, Milos Mihajlovic, Gary Neels, Graham Moore, Stephen Ogden, Lauren Perry, John Perry, Michael Picard, Miranda Pinter-Collet, Madeleine Ransom, Aaron Richardson, Sarah Rossiter, Lisa Shapiro, Evan Tiffany, Dashiell Shulman, Kesavan Thanagopal, Kelsey Vicars, Jenn Wang, Xinyu Xu, and Jenna Yuzwa.

This year's champions (Prince of Wales) and finalists (Ideal Mini School) who will advance to the National.

Matches throughout the day were hotly contested, with every team managing to win at least one of their five matches. The champions of this year’s event had a stunning performance, ending the day with 4 wins and one tie. Congratulations to Prince of Wales Secondary (Team A) for this impressive performance. The runner-up team was Ideal Mini School, ending the day with four wins, conceding a point only to Prince of Wales. Ideal Mini continues their incredible successful streak (2019 finalist, 2020 champions), and Prince of Wales joins other teams in the region who have previously earned titles (Sands as champions 2019, and Fraser Heights as 2020 finalist). Both teams will advance to the National finals, to be held online on April 16-17, 2021. Moreover, congratulations to Princess Margaret Secondary and Sutherland Secondary for sharing bronze. Once again, thank you to everybody who took part in the event and made it so interesting!


First Alberta High School Ethics Bowl

ualta01On Saturday March 6, the Department of Philosophy hosted the first Alberta High School Ethics Bowl. Though we would have liked to welcome the teams and their supporters on campus, due to the pandemic, the competition had to be held online.

For our first event, two teams faced each other: the Spartans of Archbishop O'Leary Catholic High School (Edmonton) and the Spartans of St. Peter the Apostle Catholic High School (Spruce Grove). Unlike a debate, an Ethics Bowl pits teams against an issue, rather than against each other: each team competes to devise the most effective solution to the problem at hand, but also has the opportunity to pose and respond to questions about these solutions. Points are awarded to teams arriving at the most thoughtful, responsive, and collaborative solutions to the question at hand. Students on both teams offered great performances as they discussed ethical issues surrounding vaccine distribution and call-out culture and answered questions from the judges.

Spartans are great warriors and it was a tight match but O’Leary Spartans won the match 136-129. Both teams will represent Alberta at the National finals to be held online on April 16-17, 2021. More information about the National finals is available at ethicsbowl.ca.

We would like to thank our distinguished panel of judges for their insightful questions: Glenn Griener, emeritus Professor of Philosophy at the University of Alberta; Mike Blezy, Lecturer in Philosophy at the University of Toronto; Rachel Loewen Walker, Ariel F Sallows Chair in Human Rights in the College of Law, University of Saskatchewan; and Jay Worthy, University of Alberta graduate student, who helped us with judging in the practice round. We would also like to thank the teachers who encouraged and supported each team: John Knechtel (O’Leary) and Lenna Zimmer (St. Peter Apostle) as well as the two graduate students who trained the teams: Eric Smith and Peter Andes. Special thanks also to Eric for moderating the tournament.

Congratulations again to both teams of Spartans and good luck at the National finals!

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