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What is an Ethics Bowl?

An Ethics Bowl is both a collaborative and competitive event, where teams of students analyze and discuss ethical dilemmas. They imagine, criticize, and compare bold strategies, and may even amend their original positions when faced with convincing arguments. Students have opportunities to pose and respond to probing questions, which results in a deepening awareness of the stakes and principles that animate the discussion.


Why an Ethics Bowl?

The unique, collegial dynamic of an Ethics Bowl encourages students to teach and learn from one another as they take part in courageous conversations about ethical issues. This process emphasizes the skills of communication and collaboration: critical thinking, active listening, articulation and expression, open-mindedness, and respectful dialogue and disagreement. Students engage actively with peers as they share diverse views, challenge ideas and assumptions, and deepen understandings.


Interested in Organizing an Ethics Bowl?

An Ethics Bowl empowers students and shapes their identity as community members who are able and inspired to contribute to a society where everyone can thrive. Learn how to organize one here:


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